[Histonet] Albumin and Epcam to stain mouse cell pellets

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Thank you Anatoli.

Let me add some more info to my question. The samples are FFPE.

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> Eva
> For mouse EpCAM I have used routinely during past 15 years G8.8 rat
> monoclonal antibody from Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank. Concentrated
> supernatant (1:200 dilution for IF) works very well on 4% paraformaldehyde
> fixed frozen samples (or on sections from fresh-frozen samples post-fixed
> with formaldehyde). Epitope is very sensitive to alcohol, so even fixation
> with NBF instead of formaldehyde diminishes staining dramatically. I was
> told that this antibody works on formalin-fixed paraffin sections after
> HIER retrieval, but never got results comparable to frozen sections. Don't
> have any recommendations regarding albumin, I used home-made antibodies for
> that purpose many years ago. In general, paraformaldehyde fixation and
> frozen sections worked satisfactory. Classical approach for albumin and
> alpha-fetoprotein staining was to fix in Saint-Mary fixative (1% acetic
> acid in absolute ethanol) following routine paraffin embedding.
> Nevertheless, short fixation with NBF (4h at room temp, following PBS wash)
> and paraffin embedding works as well. Best results regarding liver secreted
> proteins (as well as all membrane and cytoskeletal markers) could be
> achieved on cryo-sections after fixation by perfusion with 4%
> paraformaldehyde in PBS.
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> Good afternoon,
> Has anyone used Albumin and Epcam antibodies to stain mouse samples? If
> you have would you please share the antibody information and conditions
> with me?
> Thank you,
> Eva Permaul
> Georgetown University
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