[Histonet] microtome

E. Wayne Johnson ewj <@t> pigsqq.org
Fri Sep 21 11:32:58 CDT 2012

We work in a previously underutilized histology lab.

There was a sliding horizontal Sakura microtome, a functioning Thermo 
and a nonfunctioning Leica 5xxx (not a very fancy Leica).

The center where we work has no interest in fixing the Leica microtome.
I am supposing that it is merely dirty.  Beijing is very dusty and the 
windows to
the room leaked badly until we installed window seals.

I would like to try to take the Leica microtome apart and try to clean 
it but I cant find
the way to get it open.  There is no hatch to open like on an old AO 

We are told that it would cost way to much to have Leica service it.

Does anyone have any experience with maintenance or repair of a low-end 
Leica Microtome
and have any tips to share on how to open and clean it?

Wayne Johnson

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