[Histonet] Shandon Cassette Microwriter Stylus

Brendal Finlay brendal.finlay <@t> medicalcenterclinic.com
Mon Sep 17 10:27:29 CDT 2012

Hello Histonet!

We're setting up our new cassette labeler and are having issues with
the stylus.  When cassettes are printed, the font is very thin and
there is a line dragging through the entire printed area.  Does
anyone out there have isntructions on adjusting the stylus?  I am
supposed to be getting some via email through our vendor, but my
manager is chomping at the bit to get things going and this was
requested Friday.  It is a Shandon Cassette Microwriter Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Brendal C. Finlay, HT (ASCP)

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