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As a GLP tox lab, we have done away with using Bouin's altogether - there is literature out there (somewhere - not handy now) that indicates Modified Davidson's fixative provides the same testicular detail of bouins, without the picric acid danger.  We switched about 3-4 years ago, and our testicle experts are happy.  I believe most labs are getting away from Bouins.
Jackie O'

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Hi Margaret,

Our protocol for whole mouse embryos E14.5-E18.5 was to fix in Bouin's for 5-7 
days at room temp (I have gone longer, but it isn't exactly recommended). Most 
of the length of time, however, was to compensate for the large tissue size and 
need for good penetration. I'm not sure how that converts to your particular 
tissue of interest.

For long term storage, John Shelton at UT Southwestern (who did our vacuum 
processing for large embryos) told me that it was preferred to put them in 1% 
neutral buffered formalin and store them at room temp. We had previously been 
storing them in 70% EtOH, but John said that the long exposure to EtOH leads to 
excessive drying of the tissue and ultimately brittleness if used later. I'm 
assuming this thought could be applied to any tissue piece, but I don't have 
enough experience to really know. We have successfully gotten beautiful paraffin 
sections from 3mo-1year samples that have been stored this way. 

I'm hoping this will be of some help to you, and perhaps others in the list can 

Best of luck,


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 Hello Everyone, I am asking this for a friend.
How long can mouse testis be kept in Bouins without distortion of cell
morphology? Days? weeks? months? years?
I noticed in the Archives that many people fix in Bouins , rinse, then
store in 70% EtOH. This is preferable I assume. Again, how long is ok?
   Thanks in advance for the sharing of your accumulated wisdom, 

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