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Hooray Nicole! Very well stated.

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Let me start by sharing this:

: freedom of private business to organize and operate for profit in a
competitive system without interference by government beyond regulation
necessary to protect public interest and keep the national economy in

Key Word being For Profit. Health care is a commodity that is bought and
sold and the medical industry is big bucks for our economy. So what if a
POL is for profit, so are some hospitals, pharmaceutical companies,
pharmacies, and the local gas station. My point being is, just because a
POL is for profit does not mean that the facility does not offer the same
quality of care as a national laboratory who is also seeking profit. So,
as far as Im concerned the Doctor, owner, or medical director is able to
bill for any test he performs in his facility that is currently licensed
and regulated. I really dont think the setting should be a factor. We all
will see changes and cuts. I do not believe this thread has any thing to
do specifically with the election. Besides it doesnt really matter what
side of the fence your on. Cuts are comming, dare I say "rationing". Even
if socialized medicine does not get passed and Romney wins, Medicare will
have to decrease its allowable payouts each year.  I personally am more
worried about what that will mean for our payscale. For those of you who
dont know me, I DO work in a POL lab. Im not bias, but I don't think the
location of my lab is relative to the fact that it shouldn't be allowed to
exist because its for profit. Just my thought. Happy Halloween to all.

Nicole Tatum, HT ASCP

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