[Histonet] The Rise of Physician Owned/Operated Labs (POLs) and future trends

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   Mrs. Buesa,
   I sincerely hope you are not pointing    kind  of  fear  to drive voting in one    state  in my original post that I    vitriol, but I guess because the future    is going to happen, I should have just left    parties/presidents  in  my original post.     the  final  reconning, so if people haven't done    and  research  on each candidate and the issues we're    your  decision  on  some  comments on a forum might be a poor    base such an important decision.
   The  trending  in  POL's  is     employment  situation,  so  that  was    post.    I  would  like to    private  labs,  POL's,  large    only  just starting to understand    billing  system.    How this    directly, so it is I guess    almost can't be filtered out of    on the line.
   My  sincere     here.     I was merely looking for deeper insight and    the  topic.    One  topic that seems to have been    wich  I  tend  to agree, is there is some bloat, or    procedures  going  on,  which  cuts  to  the  heart  of the issue    monetary incentives to inflate charges and thus revenue, especially if
      involved.    Personally  I  don't  think  it's  a bad idea at all to    scrutinize  very closely what is going on with this, even if it upsets
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