[Histonet] The Rise of Physician Owned/Operated Labs (POLs) and future trends

Jay Lundgren jaylundgren <@t> gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 16:05:44 CDT 2012

     There is no doubt that health care costs will bankrupt the nation if
they continue to grow at the present rate. source:

     The only question is what measures is the government willing to take
to bring them down.  I think the Histology Laboratory could lose 50% of our
specimens very soon.  This is on top of the loss of 88305s to Derm, GI, and
Urology POLs that has already occurred in most parts of the country.

     I really think that if the Independent Payment Advisory Board gets
going, a Medicare patient who used to get a $40,000.00 total hip
replacement will now be given a cane and some Tylenol.  There's another
specimen the Histology Lab will not receive.

     Remember, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was pushed
though Congress by Executive fiat, not by passing a vote.  I foresee that
nationalization of medical schools is not out of the question.

     On the bright side, it should take care of our chronic shortage of
histotechs. ;)


                                                 Jay A. Lundgren, M.S., HTL

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