[Histonet] The Rise of Physician Owned/Operated Labs (POLs) and future trends

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Tue Oct 30 11:41:43 CDT 2012

Does anybody care to posit ideas about how this next election cycle will effect the POL (Physician Owned/Operated Labs) trend?    I know that opinions on either major candidate can be emmotional and fire up the vitriol, but that is not what I'm looking for and would wish to ask for as much of a "clinical" dissection about what might happen in terms of regulation of this growning trend depending on which party/president wins the election.   Also factored into the question perhaps is what will be happening with Medicaire and the insurance industry in future.

Currently the private lab I work at has seen some errosion of daily intake to at least a few doctors who have set up their own labs.    One of them was even bold enough to send one of their medical or nursing assistant staff to tour our lab and have a tour and crash-course in histology and equipment needed.   I couldn't quite believe out management even let her in the door!?

Anyway... either due to the economy or errosion to these in house set-ups (or both)... it seems like our daily block count has been reduced by about half in the last three to four years.    The management seem to be waiting it out for the election to play out to decide their next moves.   I think the reasoning is that either one president/administration or the other will influence the regulation of the growing POL trend.   If it becomes much more restricted and scrutinzed, they think this will cause a flow of work back to them because the docs will not be able to refer and process their own cases any more.   At least I think that's the gist of it.   In the meantime I'm quite frustrated because biz is down and it's effecting my future prospects and growth there.   Effectively we've had no raises in more than a few years, positions have been downsized, and schedules gone whacky and undesireable.  Things just seem to be getting worse and smaller rather than growing and better.

OK,  hopefully this stirs up some interest in a conversation, or perhaps even just some emails, links, tips about other forums, or further reading I can do on this topic.  Thanks.

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