[Histonet] Re: Dako vs. Ventana IHC systems

Tim Higgins thiggins <@t> cddmedical.com
Tue Oct 30 08:20:14 CDT 2012

Nobody has mentioned it, but can you imagine the amount of revenue the 
manufactures would loose if they came out and supported the decision on not 
using negative controls.  That’s not going to happen!!

I have used both systems the Dako and the Ventana (Benchmark, Benchmark XT, 
Ultra) and both systems work as well as the other.  Dako offers an open 
system with good pricing with a more hands on process, Ventana offer a 
closed system (for the most part) with high priced reagents but the system 
is easy to use, great for labs with high turnover and under skilled 
histology techs that do know a thing about IHC's but can run a piece of 
equipment.  I am not saying every Ventana user is not a skilled tech, 
clarify that before I get any back lash on that statement.

Either one will do the job.


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