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Hi Jennifer,

It is possible to prepare sections of bone containing metal implants, but it is not routine for most labs. At a previous research lab, we used the Exakt cutting and grinding system (other manufacturers are available) to cut and grind resin sections (Technovit 7200) of bone with titanium implants to less than 10um thickness. Sections were stained with Alizarin Red to show the bone or Sanderson's Rapid Bone Stain with acid fuchsin counterstain if we were looking at the soft tissue as well. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to produce the sections (and some expensive equipment), but the results are well worth it. If this is just a one off, then I suggest you try and find a contract lab that can handle it. Alternatively, suggest to the researcher that they give MicroCT scanning a try if all the are looking at is bone formation.
Hope this helps.

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>>I have been asked the following question.  I do not have an answer and was  hoping someone in the Histonet community did. Thanks.

>>There is a researcher who is doing orthopedic procedures on broken rat tibias. The researcher is repairing the tibias with metal rods or

>>plates???not sure which (and the doctor isn't sure what kind of metal either). The researcher wants to know if it is possible to make histologic

>>sections of the repaired tibias with the metal intact

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