[Histonet] CD4 T cells FFPE vs frozen

Kim O'Sullivan kim.osullivan <@t> monash.edu
Tue Oct 23 22:16:15 CDT 2012


I am aware that there are mouse anti human CD4 markers for the detection of
CD4 T cells in human FFPE tissue. My question is do these antibodies (mouse
clone 1F6 and 4B12) detect the same number of T cells that are detected in
frozen tissue? Secondly does anyone know of any literature that validates
or tests this? This question arises out of the discrepany I have noticed in
our area of research(glomerulonephritis) in literature on the reported
number of T cells- papers using frozen tissue report 3 times the amount of
cells in the same disease studied on FFPE tissue.

Any help or any anectodal evidence would be appreciated.

Kim O'Sullivan

Kim O'Sullivan
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