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Hi All, 

Long time viewer, second time user.

I have Z-N stained sections, which show a "melted" homogenised appearance of
the tissue with loss of nuclear detail compared to the H&E.

Bancroft and Cook based procedure.

I originally thought it was the microwave procedure, so I changed to the 60
degree oven incubation. Then at 37 degrees and then at RT.  All Z-N stains
show this loss of nuclear detail.

Heat fixing is the same as per H&E.
Acid Alcohol and Bluing Agent is the same as H&E.
DCM is the same as H&E.
Bringing to water is the same as H&E.

Considering that it may be the particular 'brand' of stain used or the
ingredients used in the stain.  I used both dilute and conc Carbol Fuchsin
(same brand). Same issue with nuclear detail loss. 

1% Methylene Blue is the counterstain used. 

Water bath is at 'normal' temperature for sectioning.

I have a 'feeling' that it is something in the Carbol Fuchsin that is
causing this 'look'.

My next option is to try another brand of Carbol Fuchsin.

Any suggestions for improvement will be greatly appreciated.

Mitchell Wan

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