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Please read this and I would like to know what peoples thoughts are about this issue.  Also take into consideration where we are head and also testing.  This is extremely interesting.

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This survey is very TIMELY regarding ASCP's potential interest in resurrecting the Clinical Lab Assistant national certification and to expand the role to basic embedding and processing in Histology!

The timing is interesting for Phoenix College as we had record number of applicants for the current Histologic Technology and future Medical Laboratory Science cohorts,  BUT just decided late last week to CANCEL the FALL Laboratory Assisting program as we only had 6 students.

I am trying to garner administrative approval to facilitate an industry sponsored partnership to provide the fall cohort to a few local Lab employees to be able to complete the program via distance learning this fall.

The topic of a Clinical Lab Assistant will be added to the fall HT Advisory Council meeting and the spring Medical Laboratory Science Advisory Council meeting.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me before the meeting about the potential expansion of a nationally certified Clinical Lab Assistant.

Many thanks!


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This is a preliminary email, to let you know that there will be 2 other emails, one with a survey embedded in the message, one with the survey as an attachment.

ASCP is thinking about reactivating the CLA (clinical lab assistant)certification, and there is talk about allowing CLA's to embed and section histology blocks.

So please read the information at the top of the 3 page survey, fill out the survey (either format), and email it back to me (or fax it to 248-898-8020<tel:248-898-8020>). Need it this week, so we can get the information to the ASCP symposium the end of October.


Peggy A. Wenk, BA, BS, HTL(ASCP)SLS

Program Director, Schools of Histotechnology

Safety Officer, Anatomic Pathology

Beaumont Health Systems

3601 W. 13 Mile Rd.

Royal Oak, MI 48073-6769



Julie Stiak: Program Director/Health Professions, Fitness and Wellness

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