[Histonet] Reliable Histology Team Member to embed and cut for you.

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Mon Oct 1 12:51:21 CDT 2012

Hello histonetters,

  I'm an experienced histology technician based in the
  south. I am available to help keep the cogs turning smoothly so to 
speak in your lab. 
  I contract my services through my business Histocare. 

  What I do:

  I primarily work within the South (specifically TN, AL, AR, MS, GA, KY)
  as a dependable interim team member in laboratories that experience 
  absences and become inadeqautely staffed. I care about timely patient 
care and helping to
  produce diagnosis as timely as possible. I enable the regular 
employees to focus
  on other important tasks while I handle a large portion of the 
embedding and microtomy. 

I thrive in high-volume enviroments and am very efficient. I can help on your
busiest days to keep stress and fatigue to a minimum on your regular 

  I'm very easy to work with and can work within your budget to provide 
quality lab care
  and results


  Embedding with correct orientation-- 120+blocks/per hour
Microtomy fully-faced block with precision and wrinkle-free
sections-- 90-100+/per hour

   I possess the capability to understand and operate most
  routine histology laboratory equipment including but not limited to:

  Leica Peloris Tissue Processors
  Ventana Renaissance Tissue Processors
  Milestone Microwave Processors
  Leica and Thermo Scientific manual and automatic microtomes
  Leica and Sakura stainers and coverslippers
  Hammamatsu Nanozoomer

Confidentiality is important and your reasons for needing assistance
will not be shared or disclosed. 

Photos of work can be viewed at http://www.HistoCare.com

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