[Histonet] 88305TC starting to hit the fan...

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If any of the histotechs who read these posts are in a situation where their local pathology lab may be closed because of Medicare cuts, let me know your contact info.  Perhaps I could do something to keep that  lab closure from happening.

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ow, I guess I should have considered radiology when I was going to college!

oelle Weaver MAOM, HTL (ASCP) QIHC
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 Because there is a huge shortage of primary care docs as it is, which will
 only get worse when millions of uninsured people suddenly have insurance.
  So I guess they are trying to entice more med students into primary care.
  There is a push to train more physician's assistants too
 As it is, the top medical students want to go into something like radiology
 or dermatology so they can work banker's hours and make 5x as much money as
 a PCHP, and who can blame them?
 I friend of mine who is a radiology tech saw a locum radiologist's pay stub
 left on the fax machine (by accident), and said radiologist makes $280./hr.
                                   Jay A. Lundgren, M.S., HTL (ASCP)
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 > CAP had a webinar last week about the cut. These are some very scary
 > times. For some reason the government has decided to shift wealth from
 > specialists to family practice. I am becoming more angry with the
 > affordable care act everyday.
 > http://www.cap.org/apps/cap.portal?_nfpb=true&cntvwrPtlt_actionOverride=%2Fportlets%2FcontentViewer%2Fshow&_windowLabel=cntvwrPtlt&cntvwrPtlt%7BactionForm.contentReference%7D=advocacy%2Fadvocacy_related_webinars.html&_state=maximized&_pageLabel=cntvwr
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