[Histonet] Need parts for old equipment

Cheryl Crowder ccrowder <@t> vetmed.lsu.edu
Mon Nov 19 18:50:41 CST 2012

Hello all - 

I have been volunteering in a lab with very old equipment.  Although I was 
able to find 2 processors, they have both "died".  We do not have the money 
to buy even a used processor, so I am looking for refurbished parts.  I am 
hoping there are some vendors out there who have parts that we need or if 
there is a lab with a processor that works that they don't want we might be 
able to pay shipping.  


I have a VIP 3000 and need a motor, gear head, bearing washer and roller 
washer.  The other processor is a Tissue-Tek II (c. 1983).  I think I need a 
optoelectronic switch.  


  Any help any one of you can give me, contact me personally.  Thank you in 

Cheryl Crowder, BA, HTL(ASCP)

Animal Science Department


Baton Rouge, LA  70820

(225)  772-2865

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