[Histonet] procedure for destaining a cytology slide followed by restaining with a special stain, such as PAS?

Harrison, Sandra C. Sandra.Harrison3 <@t> va.gov
Fri Nov 16 09:54:55 CST 2012

Does anyone have a procedure for restaining a cytology slide?  We
experienced a loss of cells on an FNA aspirate of a lymph node, which
had been originally stained with Diff Qwik.  The procedure we used was
as follows:


1)      Destain using 1% Acid Alcohol (1 ml. concentrated HCL added to
99 ml. 70% alcohol) for approx. 30-60 seconds.

2)      Restain on automated stainer (Ventana)  with PAS kit.




Sandy C. Harrison, HTL (ASCP)

Histology Supervisor

Minneapolis VA



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