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Fri Jun 29 16:17:39 CDT 2012

And what about a paperless procedure manual?  

We have an electronic system, called Proquis, for our manuals.  It sends
an e-mail to all the appropriate people, when there is a new procedure
to review or when old procedures are due for review.  Pretty cool.

The only drawback is, most of the time, people would rather grab a
notebook to look up a procedure, rather than the cumbersome process of
logging in, clicking thru a bunch of menus to view what you could have
physically touched and seen in seconds.

Plus, you better have a lot of terminals.  

Or better yet, let's issue I-Pads to all employees.  ;-)   

We live in a brave new world!

Sandy H.
Histology Supervisor, VA Minneapolis

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My director would like for our histology lab to go totally paperless.
Is there a lab out there that is already paperless?
Are there any software programs for this?
It seems to me that this would include; gross sheets, logging in
specimens, AQ sheets that are delivered with slides, decal log, special
stains request.
Would appreciate all the info. Thanks
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