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There is a chart [ http://www.defalcos.com/tutorials/hy.html ] for temperature correction on ethanol concentration.  A lot of information can be found on brewery sites.  So . . if you require more help, and since its Friday, visit a local brew house to "ask questions".  

Tresa :)

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Hi everyone:

I wanted to thank everyone who gave me advice regarding my Luxol Fast Blue problem.

First, I am going to compare using a very old LFB bottle (from the
1950s) and a new bottle.
Then I will stain some test slides for 2 hours and 24 hours at 60C.
(I am having my oven checked this morning by facilities).

To find out how much water is really in my 95% ethanol, I am assuming 
that I need a hydrometer.
(I will also be using it to measure the isopropanol concentrations on my 
tissue processor).

Is there a type of hydrometer that labs use for these purposes?
Where do you buy yours from?
Can the alcohol/water concentrations be read right off of the 
hydrometer, like temperature is from a thermometer, or do you need to 
use an equation.
I have never used a hydrometer before.

Thank you,

Tim Wheelock
Harvard Brain Bank
McLean Hospital
Belmont, MA

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