[Histonet] Recommendations for HRP anti Rabbit and mouse and

Reynolds,Donna M dreynold <@t> mdanderson.org
Thu Jun 28 09:27:13 CDT 2012

I am not sure what all is in the kits. We rarely buy kits, they are expensive and often as not you can get better reagents by buying them individually. 
For our HRP-IHC we buy HRP conjugated antibodies from Jackson Immuno. They have a large selection, reasonably priced, and work great.
For AEC substrate take a look at BioCare Medical. They offer several different kits and colors.
We have used the Stable DAB for decades, it was  developed by Dr. Brigatti .  It has sold several times to different companies. It was recently bought by Invitrogen and so far they are still selling. It is a great DAB. We have slides stained in the 80's that have not faded. No mixing ready to use solution. I just hope Invitrogen doesn't discontinue it. 

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