[Histonet] Re: Embedding beads

Kelly Boyd kdboydhisto <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 15:20:10 CDT 2012

I started using the embedding beads several months ago as a quick way to track who embedded what cassette. Each tech is assigned a number according to the number on their microtome. I get the beads from Cancer Diagnostics. You can probably find something similar at a craft store.
These come in small round plastic containers that fit easily any where on the embedding center. They place the bead in a bottom corner of the cassette when topping it off with paraffin.
They have actually saved us time. Once the techs get used to it, it might add a few seconds to the embedding. Before, the techs had to write down which blocks they embedded. (Very time consuming and often not complete). If I needed to see who embedded a certain block, I had to go check that log book. Now I can see who embedded it just by looking at the block.


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