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Hi All

Thanks for the correction Dr Richmond. It is Hama Beads.

We keep ours in used rectangular cover slip boxes, which hold many beads of individual colours in each box. When in use each embedder has their allocated box at the back of the embedding centre, close to the dispensing spout, so that a bead can be quickly picked up with tweezers and dropped into the cassette tray when filling with wax.  

When not in use the boxes are kept in a small instrument tray at the side of the embedding centre. Each persons name is clearly written on the lid of each box. The stock bags are kept in a nearby drawer.  

Have never considered timing each embedding, but I am certain that there are very few additional seconds in reaching for a bead and dropping it into the molten wax.

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  We use squares of colored construction paper. Each tech is assigned a color and they use those or their initials for all of the different jobs in the lab.

  There has to be accountability for every job.

  Jen Campbell

  On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:43 AM, Amber McKenzie <amber.mckenzie <@t> gastrodocs.net> wrote:

    Does this slow the embedder down any having to pick a bead up each time to embed along with the tissue?  I've never heard of this procedure before.  The labs I've worked in have an embedding log and we initial each case we embed. What do you keep the beads in and are they set in a particular spot on the embedding station so they're easily assessable?

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    Hi All

    We use Hamma beads to identify individual embedders on a particular day.
    Hamma beads will be well known to parents and child carers as tiny tube like
    beads that can be made into many patterns and then ironed (by adults) to
    make colourful place mats etc for children.

    Hamma beads come in a very wide range of colours, in bulk bags from any good
    toy or handicraft store. They are very cheap and they are clearly visible
    when placed in the corner of an embedding cassette when filling with wax.

    We have a small staff in our lab so the colours we have chosen are readily
    identifiable to an individual who has embedded a particular block. I can
    strongly recommend them, we have used them for a number of years as a
    traceable guide to a particular block. Hope this is helpful to all of you
    who are embedding lots of blocks each day.

    Best wishes to you all

    Alan Taylor BSc(Hons), FRMS
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    Does anyone out in Histoland know of a vendor other that Mar Med to get
    small beads to put in cassettes to designate the person that embeds.


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