[Histonet] Eosin staining for small biopsies

Freeman, Carol Carol.Freeman <@t> utoledo.edu
Wed Jun 20 08:46:06 CDT 2012

Good Morning all, Happy Wednesday!

I have a question and I am not finding much on my google search...First
does anyone have any papers written or studies done on the use of Eosin
to stain small biopsies or the use of eosin on the tissue processor in
the last alcohol??  I have read snippets on eosin having an effect on
FISH testing?? Does anyone know of this to be true and have any papers
or studies to refer back to or any documentation showing this result??
One more thing does anyone use Hematoxylin to mark small tissue biopsies
and/or any thoughts on its use to do so?? My thoughts are that because
of it's precipitation qualities it could gunk up the tissue processor
and leave residue precipitate at embedding.. agree? Disagree?

Thanks for any responses.

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