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   The  most  important  part   known  positive  tissue  to use as   everything  you  do is a shot in the dark   protocol  is  not  working  or  the  control  you  are     expressing that antigen.  Each antibody has it's own requ   pretreatment or not.  We do what Liz does and sometimes ad   buffer  when  nothing  else works.  Just to save on slides to    start  with no ar and ph6 and if we do not get good results, go to ed   ta  ph9,  then PK, then ph8, if all these fail, we revert to overnight
   incuba   buffers and/or enzy   all  of  course  a   Some of my experien   nuclei  may  prefer  high  ph   noticed, definitely not something I h


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Retrieval  methods  are  also  based  upon  the  antibody   protocol  development we try several different retrieval methods -   retrieval,  enzymatic  (proteinase  K), pH6 and pH9, we then determine
   the   for all    


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Does  anyone  have  a  favorite antigen ret   mouse  tissues that they would be willing to share? I   citrate  buffer  Ph6.0  with poor to moderate results. Thanks   help!



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