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When I was evaluating the different processors in order to purchase a new one, I took all three manufacturers' brochures (Leica, Sakura and Thermo) and did a "spreadsheet" of the features.  I was raised on Sakura but the Leica won - hands down - and the Thermo didn't even place.  Service and reliability for the Leica beat the other two handily - and knowing that German engineering is a known quality was the kicker.  I'm not employed by Leica, but I played one on TV (huh?). 

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At this moment, just like in automobiles, all tissue processor can give you a good service and your selection should be based on your budget. 
Having said that, you ask for a comparison between 2, the Leica ASP300 vs. Sakura VIP6 and, again, price could decide but from the quality and durability VIP6 "wins hands down", at least for me! 
René J. 

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Hi Histonetters- 

Is anybody using the ASP6025 from Leica? Pros and cons please. 

Then I would also appreciate any input on the Leica ASP300 vs Sakura VIP6. 

As always, Thank You for your help - it is highly appreciated. 

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