[Histonet] Free Diagnostic Pathology Software from the UK

Dr Mayall mayallf <@t> wave.co.nz
Sun Jun 10 06:35:00 CDT 2012

Some of the list members might be interested in some free diagnostic
pathology software that we have developed in the UK. You can view it and
download it from this website:


Many histopathology laboratories in the UK are using antiquated reporting
software. Upgrading to a more modern system is expensive. Even the more
modern systems often lack the technology needed for pathologists to
efficiently report complex cases. They are often difficult to use across
multiple sites. We have developed reporting software that overcomes these
difficulties. This has been trialled by 15 staff at two sites to report
over 6000 cases; many complex tumour cases requiring key data element
capture. We intend to share this open source software internationally.

Over the next year we are planning to incorporate more proforma reports to
cover most major tumour types.

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