[Histonet] Re: Unsubscribing problems for the amusement with a touch of seriousness for all

gayle callis gayle.callis <@t> bresnan.net
Sat Jun 9 16:10:25 CDT 2012

Dear Histonetters particularly those irritated with people who incorrectly
unsubscribe from this list,   


After participating on Histonet since its very beginning,   it is noted that
incorrect unsubscribing (and other infractions) from the list has been a
continuous problem from the start.   This has been the proverbial thorn in
peoples' sides and always eliciting a rash of How to unsubscribe correctly
messages.      This rash of "How To Unsubscribe" messages can be found in
Histonet Archives for every year this list has been in existence.    This
includes to the amusement of some, the misspelling of "UNSUBSCRIBE" in
interesting, amusing ways.    Another irritation is Re: Daily Digest instead
of a valid topic in subject line.   All these things use to get my lab coat
in a bunch, decision were made to calm ruffled feathers and deal with these
life's less than important crises.        


So the following suggestions/comments might help.   


1.  Don't waste time informing those few people "How To Unsubscribe".
This is a lost cause, a proven fact shown not to work during all the years
of Histonet.          


2.  If one is subscribed to Histonet and a subject line contains
"Unsubcribe me; Remove me from list; Take me off Histonet, etc." and Re:
Daily Digest.     Use delete key.      


3.  Suggestion.     If one finds these irritations too difficult to deal
with, causing indigestion, clenched jaw syndrome, gnashing of teeth, tension
headache, sleep loss , computer keyboard abuse, bad language habits, and
Histonet  eRoad rage leading a message for all to read,  try cruising
Histonet Archives daily.   You pass up subject(s) not interesting to you,
and the OMG not again (!) incorrect "Unsubscribe" practice.    When a
message/topic piques your interest enough to pen a reply, then hop back onto
(whoops! subscribe to) Histonet to share your histo-expertise.   


Well I am off to unsubscribe correctly and will look for your replies with
commentary in the Archives.     


Gayle M. Callis J





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