[Histonet] processor solution rotation

Steve McClain SteveM <@t> mcclainlab.com
Wed Jun 6 15:32:32 CDT 2012

May I suggest?
Define a standard that works for you, combining both elements,
blocks and runs e.g.,
Every week or 200 blocks then check the first reagent  volume and quality.
Again at 400
And again at 600 blocks.
We change the first reagent whenever it appears dirty.

Consider adding a few ccs. of eosin as a visual indicator in the first 100% alcohol to monitor carryover and number of runs.
When the indicator reaches the first xylene, time to rotate or change.
NOTE Eosin fluoresces.

The actual blocks and runs number varies
on specimen size
and fixation, (unfixed tissues use up the alcohols)
and also whether you use sponges (more carryover)
and whether the processor drains/pumps out completely-carryover.
And on how fast the processing cycle is- short cycles demand fresh reagents and leave little room for error.

When in doubt do not hesitate to replenish the last solution of each type, alcohol, xylene and paraffin or change all solutions.
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