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Perhaps an issue that hasn't been discussed yet as to why there are so may "posers" out there for histology jobs is that dispite the fact that in relation to other lab areas we get paid less, in these economic times a job in a hospital - anywhere is great pay and often good BENEFITS i.e. health insurance. Not to mention the great job security in Health Care as a whole. Anyone with half a degree in science can look up histology on the internet and think they can do the job (back to the "any monkey can do this argument" - I do NOT subscribe to this way of thinking). All they need to do is research a bit and think they can do the job. Desperate times you know. So for them it is worth a try. 


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For myself, I can say this: I can give you the best sections you've ever
seen on my cryostat.  But when I tried to use a cryostat that had
disposable blades (in which you have to pick the section up from a
completely different angle), I was terrible at first.  I think you really
need to get a technique down.  It takes a few slides to get used to a
microtome, at least a frozen one.
Maybe with a paraffin microtome it's different because getting the section
on the slide isn't about the knife angle and the slide.
Either way, if I had to do sectioning on an interview, I would be so
nervous, I'd probably do terribly.
That said, thank god I have a job (for now!).


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