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Sun Jan 29 12:12:09 CST 2012

Ray Koelling asked me:

>>If the Samurai Pathologist is out there reading still; any idea over your career, about how many glass slides have you viewed under a microscope since the first? Your replies are always top-notch, entertaining and informative. And hope with each new job you don't have to show someone you can pass a test of which slide shows normal liver and which slide shows cirrhotic liver in your interview.<<

I really have no idea how many slides. In a normal year I sign out
about 3,000 histology cases (remember I don't work full time)
averaging maybe 3 slides per case.

Generally I've gotten jobs, both private clients and agency clients,
by recommendation. A number of years ago I was interviewed by a
four-pathologist hospital group who handed me a tray of 20 slides with
the necessary historical information, and was told that this was a set
the group had collected, including very straightforward cases, cases
with serious diagnostic pitfalls, and some cases they'd never been
able to make a diagnosis on. They tried to make it a test of judgment
rather than simple diagnostic skill. Told to take as much time as I
needed. I guess I passed - by coincidence, the entire group chanced to
break up very quickly, and an entirely different team took over.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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