[Histonet] Music in the lab

Amos Brooks amosbrooks <@t> gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 19:02:49 CST 2012

   I am in the same boat as those that would go nuts without music. I have
noticed that I cut a *heck* of a lot faster with music than without. It's a
rhythm thing, I can't really explain it. I really can sympathize with those
that can't tolerate certain types of music though. Having one tech happy
and another with a headache is not helpful or productive. Not everyone will
agree on good music though, so you need to try to be versatile and share
the air.
   For open air music (not personal music with headphones) I like to stick
to music that would be played on popular radio stations. That way the FCC
can determine what's appropriate. Admittedly that's a bit risky if you have
been following the court case about indecency fines, but that leads us to
politics and that's likely to draw fire as well. Neutrality is best, NPR
works well there. Radiolab was a great suggestion! Thanks for that. If
anyone has other good podcasts, please share.
   I like headphones, but if it interferes with communication or
productivity it's gotta go. I don't like repeating myself and it is just
rude to everyone around you.


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