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Our policy is that if a radio station is to be played in the lab, the
choice has to be a unanimous one of everyone working in the lab, it cannot
be talk radio (prone to political leanings), it has to play appropriate
music for work setting, and it has to be turned down low enough to almost
not be audible.  Personal iPods with only ONE earbud used is preferable to
a room radio station.

Jan Shivers

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> Regarding the offensive language, many institutions have policies that
> address the use of inappropriate language. You may find it in something
> like a "Workplace Harassment/Violence" policy. We too do not permit ear
> buds or headphones for the same reason.
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> Hi All,
> Our lab is governed by hospital regulations that no headphones or earbuds
> be worn at anytime. This is considered a safety issue. We do have policies
> governing codes for behavior such as dress, hygiene, innappropriate
> computer use such as streaming music or social media but music is something
> they allow idividual departments to dictate. Our lab has decided to allow
> desk top radios to be played. I have a few techs that like to listen to
> talk radio or music so they each have their individual radios set so low
> that only they can hear it. I think if everyone had their own radio it
> would be insane but a couple is not too bad. If it were to become
> distracting or a nusance, I would ban them completely. We are not in a
> patient traffic area but we do get a lot of outside visitors walking thru
> such as Resident's interviewing or clinicians. One must always consider
> patient care first and foremost and if music is offensive to you because of
> language then it probably is offensive to others as well. I think you
> should never have to endure music that is offensive in anyway. Jazz makes
> me crazy. My question to you would be, do you have a policy that stating
> that music is allowed? Best of luck to you.
> Christie
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> >
> > Greetings.
> > I would like to know what other histology laboratories allow for music
> > players while working. Do you have formal policies about music content
> > or volume? Do you allow lab space doors to remain closed to muffle the
> > volume of what is being played? Are headsets allowed?
> > I am a terrible judge of this because I personally prefer to work in a
> > quiet environment. I am trying to be open minded, as long as the work
> > gets done. However, one of the techs had a song playing today that I
> > believe was inappropriate for general listening in the lab. Am I just
> out of touch?
> > Is that dang "F" word just something I'm going to have to learn to
> accept?
> > Do you have a written policy? When/how/why was it implemented?
> > I should mention that it's a small private lab, with minimal patient
> > traffic. We do see our share of FedEx, UPS, sales & service reps.
> > Your ideas on this is very much appreciated.
> > Dorothy
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