[Histonet] Re: Histonet Digest, Vol 98, Issue 20; PAX 8 & Cell Pellet

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Sun Jan 15 00:18:52 CST 2012

Nancy Schmitt,

Mouse anti-PAX 8 (Biocare, same dilution as spec. sheet);

1) Protocol F with Refine DAB kit
2) ER2 for 20 min

Cell Pellet:
1) Pre-fix cell pellet with 10% formalin (~ 30min - 60min) @ RT
2) Spin down pre-fix cell in a 15 mi conical tube @ 4c, aspirate off
supernatant (10% formalin)
3) Add pre-warm histogel (follow spec.sheet for warming gel) to cell pellet
4) Flick bottom of tube so cell pellet could mix with the pre-warm histogel
5) Chill tube immediately in ice-bucket to solidify the histogel (~
10min - 20min)
6) Scrape gel mixture out with spatula & put on lens paper
7) Wrap lens paper & put in cassette for process

If you need more more information, you can email me.

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Supervisor - Pathology (IPOX & Histology)
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