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Indeed! That is why I always advocate for safety. Safety for the personnel and the environment.
Sometimes saving some money by "neutralizing" something is neither safe nor economic.
Falling to "a sales pitch" is always unwise.
René J.

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   To take it a step further, if you look at the MSDS of the Neutralex, it
is very nebulous as to what the chemical is. We couldn't dump the Neutralex
alone down the sink since we don't know what it is. So combining a
hazardous chemical with an unknown chemical then dumping it down the
sink... I think that would be enough to have any safety officer up in arms.


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> Amy:
> During the years I had the same "dream" as yours.
> Because of that I did try "Transfor-121", "Vytak", "Formalex", "Aldex-AMS
> 140", "Neutralex" and a 1% solution of potasium permanganate.
> To test the effectiveness of the "neutralization" of formalin I used a
> residual reaction to PAS (Schiff) and ALL the results were positive to PAS,
> meaning that the neutralization was incomplete.
> I also used passive badges by KEM, a SSA Gas-Monitor Meter, AT Badges with
> the same incomplete results.
> Those results prevented me to try to dispose of the "neutralized" formalin
> and I kept using my disposal company in spite of the costs.
> I could not "convince" myself to dispose of formalin "neutralized" with
> the products I mention.
> René J.
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