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NSH has a lot of IHC teleconferences:
Under Register, you can download the brochure.

NSH also has some IHC forums: July 13-14, 2012 in Hartford, CT. Not much 
information available yet, but keep checking.

Dako has a lot of downloadable booklets

But as for a college offering courses/degree in IHC - I don't know of any. 
There are courses on Immunology in general, and there are courses for the 
med tech training programs, specific to their immunology. For the histotech 
programs that are college/university based, the IHC is built into the 
curriculum, usually part of the special stains class, and you have to be 
accepted into the histotech program. So most histotechs learn it on-the-job, 
and attending their state and national symposiums.

Peggy Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS

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You can get IHC education from most of the vendors. If you cant go that 
route, then there are many good books and subscriber publications out.

If you really want to be on top of the subject, do what I did many many 
years ago.

It's called do it yourself education

Get one of the books they give you to order from and learn from it. It 
always tells you what each antibody stains for, whats the control etc

You actually can go online to any of the major sites such as DAKO, LEICA or 
VENTANA and see thier antibody list with all the applied info for them.

In America you can also obtain knowledge from the NSH( http://www.nsh.org/ ) 
or as in Florida we have FSH (http://www.fshgroup.org/ )

Much Luck

Kim D

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does any one know about institute offering IHC coursethanks
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