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We use .5%  acid alcohol ( hydrochloric) with Harris hemo. No problems.

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You can use either acetic or hydrochloric, both will do. The strength is 1% BUT it does not matter. As a matter of fact the weaker the solution the better. Remember that the acid solution (that can be made with 7ethanolanol even better) is used to differentiate progressivesive hematoxylin, like Harris, and the weaker it is the more control you have with the differentiation.
A weak solution allows you to dip the slides several times until you obtain the desired reddish hue on the sections that signals when the differentiation is completed.
If the solution is too strong you will have to take the slides often precipitouslyusly and some sections will be have a weak nuclear staining.
So, use acetic at 1% in 70% ethanol  That is what I used to prepare.
René J.

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I find it amazing sometimes when you don't do something for awhile how quickly your brain throws the information away.  That being said...I know back in the day when I was learning histology we used to make our own acid alcohol solution (now where I am had a butt load of Clearifier so I was using that up).  I don't want to buy that stuff anymore as making the solution is way cheaper and works just as well.  I want to say it was like a 1% acid solution in alcohol??  What was the acid?  For some reason my brain says glacial acetic...but time has made me forget.  Is the alcohol you mix it in 100% or something lower with a water content to it?  Please help my alzheimers =) Happy Thursday!!

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