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I wish I worked for a union because techs are paid very little to do a lot
of work (research in academics).  We're stuck in a pay range as well, which
depends on how much education you've had.  If you knew how little I make
for what my responsibilities, no one would be taking my job.  I do it
because I enjoy it, not because it pays well.  I don't ever expect it to
pay well either.


The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up
to 600 pounds and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do
so. To me, that’s beautiful.
--Ron Swanson

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> I have been a Trade Union(TU) member for all my working life, primarily
> because I believed in the  TU concept of workers coming together to further
> their goals and as a counterbalance against exploitative employers,
> latterly I view  TU membership  more as an insurance policy should I need
> it against my  employer, somewhere to  get advice and legal help from
> should it become necessary.The trouble  with merit based salaries is the
>  subjectiveness of their assessments,  for example if an employee has a
> personality clash or whatever with his line manager then he  is unlikely to
> be correctly awarded financially.
>                                               Richard  Edwards
>                                                 Leicester U.K.
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> Hi,
>     My lab is in a university with a union. I do not find it helpful at
> all. The union is great at protecting people from the university firing
> them weather justly or not. It keeps all salaries the same weather one tech
> works harder than another or not. It prevents techs from getting a job
> based on their skills. Salaries are uniform and not merit based. Annual
> reviews are not even merit based. I really feel that I can make a better
> argument for my compensation on my own without having to negotiate for the
> whole university. If a tech gets a better offer elsewhere the department
> can't counter-offer for the tech without the whole university expecting the
> same.
>     Why stay? I really enjoy the work I am doing and there are certain
> benefits that I know I can't get elsewhere. Is that because of the union?
> Perhaps to some extent, but these benefits existed before the union
> started. If there were no union and there was a vote to have one start up,
> I would vote NO. I don't expect everyone would agree with me, but that is
> my observation.
> Amos
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> > Trying to put together some numbers, any and all responses to these
> > questions would be greatly appreciated.  How many HT's are in union
> > positions?  If you were applying for a position, how much of a factor
> would
> > it be if it was a union position?
> >
> > Thanks in advance for your help!
> >
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