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Mon Feb 13 15:33:44 CST 2012

Hello everyone,, 
I wanted to know what is the rules and regulation requirement for not having a telephone inside a tissue/Cell culture room. I have been told that we could not placed a telephone inside a culture room. But their are equipment like microscope attached to a PC, incubators or simply a call for emergency that needs access to a phone for communications. Does a telephone can create a big mess of contamination to a tissue culture room? I tried to find a policy to verify that a telephone cannot be installed inside a tissue culture room but NIH and other facility says that you just have to clean the surfaces of the phone and computer. I am not a user of the culture room but it has been so difficult to make communication when something goes wrong with the equipment inside that room since I take care of making the communication and how does the safety of the staff inside be assured if in case there is a possible fire or simply fainting inside. Please help me find this policy and I will stand to what is regulated. Thnak you very much.
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