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Thanks Brett - I was hoping that someone out there had done this.  If I screw up the cerebellum and brainstem it is no big deal as we are only looking at forebrain structures. This is very encouraging!

Thanks again,

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I have done this before.

Definitely warm to -20C (overnight) otherwise it will likely fracture. A non-serrated brain slicing autopsy knife works well...it is best to use a knife that has a big blade and a sturdy handle. You will need a little bit of downward pressure on the knife and a slow, short sawing motion to work your way through. Cutting through the cerebral midline won't be much of a problem, be careful with the cerebellum and brainstem. Too much pressure and cutting too fast is bad.

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Hi everyone

I need to sagitally hemisect a fresh-frozen rhesus brain that has been stored at -80°C .  Does anyone have any advice on the best way to go about this?  I imagine warming it to about -20°C to reduce brittleness might be a good idea but I am not sure what my weapon of choice should be.  Can't use anything that will generate heat of course.  Will a non-serrated blade such as a tissue slicer blade do the trick at -20°C?  Or do I need to go to something like an ultrafine wire saw?  Or ultrafine hacksaw perhaps?  I welcome even the most outlandish suggestions!



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