[Histonet] Revco -80 Freezer Sliding Drawer Rack Reviews

Lucie Guernsey lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu
Wed Feb 8 17:07:09 CST 2012

Hi all,

We're going to be purchasing a Revco UxF -86 C upright freezer soon and
we'd like to fill it with 2" box racks. Revco offers 2 options: the
standard side-access racks and sliding drawer racks. The idea of the
sliding drawer racks sounds great (you don't have to pull the entire rack
out of the freezer, just a drawer), but I'm wondering if, in practice,
they're not as great as they sound. I imagine they could freeze up, be hard
to slide, etc. I have yet to find any reviews regarding the racks online,
so I thought I'd come to you guys. Does anyone use the sliding drawer racks
and have an opinion about them? Should we just stick with the tried and
true side-access racks?

Thanks for your input!

Lucie Guernsey
UC San Diego
lguernsey <@t> ucsd.edu

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