[Histonet] Equipment available to the highest bidder

Michelle MacVeigh-Aloni macveigh <@t> usc.edu
Fri Feb 3 20:51:47 CST 2012

Hi list,


On 21 of February we will have the following equipment available to the
highest bidder:


1.       Tissue processor - Tissue Tek VIP-E (still in use)

2.       Tissue processor - SHANDON Citadel 2000 One paraffin tank missing

3.       JUNG AUTOSTAINER LX (still in use)


By the end of the month we will also have available 

4.       Embedding center - SHANDON Histocentre2 (still in use)


If interested please send me an offer.


Michelle Aloni MS HTL Research Specialist

USC Keck School of Medicine Los Angeles, CA



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