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I used the Peloris at Labcorp for about 2 years.  I liked it a lot.  It tells you when the reagents are ready to be changed, and can do two separate runs simultaneously.  Like any machine it has drawbacks such as reagent competition and no it doesn't tell you how to correct a problem.  One time we were adding paraffin and had that door open, the machine would not start until the paraffin door was closed, unlike the VIP.  It didn't even tell me to close the door.  I know that sounds silly (I should have known to do that), but I was adding cold paraffin and did not want to forget to check the level before I left, so it was open. We all do that.
The machine was running during Hurricane Ike in Houston, and of course when the power went off it locked up.  After the repair guy came out and serviced it, it ran like a little workhorse.  We usually ran both chambers overnight and one chamber during the day.  We even had a run come out on Saturday, and ran it again to come out Monday.
Service was good and prompt, and Leica came and updated the software when needed.  Because we ran it so much something went wrong every quarter or so, but was not down for more than a day.  I chalked that up to being new and in pretty heavy rotation.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Angela


Our lab has repeatedly had problems with the Leica Peloris! 

Fortunately (for Leica) the Peloris processes tissues very well, so our lab has persisted with our two machines for around 5 years now.

I believe there is now a "version 2" machine on the market that corrects many of the niggles (at one point we had AT LEAST one processor crash every week!), and one of our machines was fitted with the updated parts.

Currently, the processors are running more reliably, partly because Leica have "forced" us into running longer, cooler wax impregnation steps that have resulted in a minimum 15 hour long overnight processing schedule! This has been very bad for our workflow, but apparently it is stopping the IPA from foaming too much and blocking air lines!

Our only other frustration is the dumb reagent management software which has an uncanny knack of trying to use the same solutions for the two retorts, when there are clearly 2 brand new pure solutions available to use!


It's very frustrating running what (after evaluating several manufacturers rival products) seems to be by far the best processor on the market, but one that utterly fails at being reliable!

We also run Shandon pathcentres (poor) and a Tissue Tek VIP (reliably competent).


I'll warn that this is all very much my own personal opinion!!!






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Has anyone out there had service issues with your peloris?  Breaking down a lot, throwing error codes?  I would like some information as at the moment we seem to be the only ones with issues.  Thank you


Has anyone had a peloris replaced due to getting a lemon?




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