[Histonet] Help ! autostainer plus - lost name and password

richard wild richard.wild <@t> wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 15 01:45:21 CDT 2012


I just bought a second hand Dako autostainer from Germany (I live in 
France) from a broker.
The machine looks fine but I can't test it because_I don't have identity 
and password _to get inside the software.

Does anyone know how if it is possible to localise the password and 
identities in the hard disk (some "ini" file ? by the regedit ? ... but 
where ?) ?
Or is it possible to destroy a file, so that the software begins a new 
cycle asking password and all ?
Or is there any other procedure to get through ?

DAKO autostainer plus or LABVISION 480 could use similar software.

Best friendly regards.


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