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Unless its changed from CAP 2011 checklist and I didnt hear about it. Grossing is considered high complexity, so the guidelines are the same for anyone doing high complexity testing. They would need documented training as do any other high comlexity task.
here is what CAP 2011 says about it.
 **REVISED** 07/11/2011ANP.11610 Gross Examination Qualifications Phase IIIf individuals other than a pathologist or pathology resident assist in gross examinations,
such individuals qualify as high complexity testing personnel under CLIA regulations.NOTE: The laboratory director may delegate the dissection of specimens to non-pathologist
individuals; these individuals must be qualified as high complexity testing personnel under CLIA
regulations. The minimum training/experience required of such personnel is:
1. An earned associate degree in a laboratory science or medical laboratory technology,
obtained from an accredited institution, OR
2. Education/training equivalent to the above that includes at least 60 semester hours or
equivalent from an accredited institution. This education must include 24 semester
hours of medical laboratory technology courses, OR 24 semester hours of science
courses that includes 6 semester hours of chemistry, 6 semester hours of biology, and
12 semester hours of chemistry, biology or medical laboratory technology in any
combination. In addition, the individual must have laboratory training including either
completion of a clinical laboratory training program approved or accredited by the
ABHES, NAACLA, or other organization approved by HHS (note that this training may
be included in the 60 semester hours listed above), OR at least 3 months documented
laboratory training in each specialty in which the individual performs high complexity
It is the responsibility of the laboratory director to determine whether an individual's education,
training and experience satisfies the requirements of this checklist requirement.
This checklist requirement applies only to laboratories subject to US regulations.Evidence of Compliance:✓ Records of qualifications including degree or transcript and work history in related field ORdocumentation of grandfathered exceptionREFERENCES
of 1988; final rule. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Clinical laboratory improvement amendmentsFed Register. 2003(Oct 1):1070-1071 [42CFR493.1489], 1071-1072 [42CFR493.1491]ANP.11640 Performance Evaluation Phase IIThe performance of non-pathologist(s) who assist in the performance of gross tissue
examinations is evaluated by the pathologist on a regular, periodic basis.Evidence of Compliance:✓ Written procedure and schedule for evaluating performance of non-pathologists AND✓ Records of evaluation documented at defined frequencyREFERENCES
1) Cibull ML. Q&A. Northfield, IL: College of American Pathologists CAP Today. 1997;11(7):1122) Grzybicki DM, et al. The usefulness of pathologists' assistants. Am J Clin Pathol. 1999;112:619-626

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Hi Fellow Histonetters!!
I hope everyone is having a great day!!  I have a quick question from a
client that I hope someone can give me a definitive answer on.  What are the
education requirements for grossing under CAP as opposed to CLIA.  I was
told that for CAP a B.S. degree is required and I wanted to check and see if
anyone knew if that was the case.  I know CLIA is an A. S. Degree or a
certain number of hours in biology.  Does CAP require a bachelor's of
science?  Thanks-Pam  

Thank You!

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