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The Hard Tissue Committee of the National Society for Histotechnology would like to remind everyone that we are hosting a singe day Hard Tissue Forum event at the Doubletree by Hiltion in Bethesda, MD on August 18th! You wont want to miss out on this opportunity to learn about and witness first hand all current forms of resin/plastics histology, as well as see for the first time ever here in North America a newly developed non-contact laser microtome!
7:30am - Registration Opens8:00am – Hard Tissue Histology: An Historical And Current Perspective of Microtomy Technique – Jack L Ratliff9:00am – Skeletal Analysis With MicroCT: What You Need To Know And Why You Need To Know It – Daniel S Perrien, Ph.D.10:30am – Refreshment Break10:45am – Bone, Biomaterials And Bugs: Resin Microtomy And The Rotary Microtome – Damien Laudier, BS, HTL(ASCP), QIHC12:15pm – Lunch On Your Own1:15pm – Ground Section Microtomy Techniques (Parts I & II): Diamond Materials Combined With Manual And Semi-Automated Grinding Methods To Collect And Polish A Variety Of Resin Embedded Specimens – (PART I) Joe Tabeling & Jack L Ratliff, BA; (PART II) Linda Durbin & Robert A Skinner2:45pm – Refreshment Break3:00pm – New Results In Laser Sectioning For General Histology, Tissue Engineering, Medical Device Implants And Industrial Analyses – Heiko Richter, Ph.D.4:00pm – Histomorphometry of Bone: A Quantitative Description of Bone Histology Using Sub-Micron Resolution Optical Microscopy – Nathanael H Reveal
You can still register online at https://s3.goeshow.com/nsh/2012HT/ereg572259.cfm?pg=register or show up at the program and register onsite at 7:30am before the start of the meeting. We hope to see you all there on the 18th!
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