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Hi! If you need help Paula I will be happy to assist. I recruit for a lot of nice groups and know a lot of people!

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On Apr 17, 2012, at 6:44 PM, Kim Donadio <one_angel_secret <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:

> First off. Let me say I feel for you. You seem desperate to get a job and I hope you find one. Now, you can't not be hired because of age. Theres laws against that. And yes you should tell them your qualifications and be honest like you have been just now with this post. My suggestion is to seek shifts other people don't want in order to get your foot in the door to prove yourself. When you go for a job interview don't seem desperate too much. Have some confidence. Confidence creates confidence that you can handle the job. And what ever you do. Don't go to an interview and start telling them a bunch of negative things about your self. If you must say something that is negative think ahead of time for positive things to say about yourself. Write them down if that helps. Also think of mini stories to give them when they ask open ended questions like " give us a example when you had to deal with a irate coworker and how did you handle it" or another question might be " tell us of a mistake you made and how did you fix it and what did you do to prevent future errors". These are just examples of how many lab managers interview. 
> Always put in tour answers a positive outcome and how you made it positive. 
> I hope this helps you. I'd be glad to talk to you in private if you want someone to bounce ideas off of 
> Kim D
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> On Apr 17, 2012, at 3:33 PM, Paula <araniqkslvr <@t> yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I've recently been turned down for one histology position and TWO 
>> histology assistant positions. I stressed for the assistant positions 
>> that I felt it would be a great way to get back into the field (I last 
>> did this work in late 80s, except for a couple of weeks in 2007). I am 
>> also an older worker.
>> I see ads that want the following qualifications:
>> This
>> is an award winning modern facility. Competitive salary and excellent 
>> benefit package. Must be able to demonstrate competency in a 
>> Histological Laboratory. Ability to perform routine histopathological 
>> tests. BS/BA MT Preferred however AS/AA MLT accepted. (Must be eligible 
>> for ASCP.)
>> Medical Technologist
>> Job Code: 45618
>> TRS is seeking a skilled MT for this 13 week Histology assignment to start 03/21/2012. 
>> I have an A.A. in histotechnology, a B.S.
>> in liberal arts, and passed the registry exam in late 80s, so it is still valid.
>> I
>> don't ask for a lot of pay. I've worked for a lot less than for what I 
>> assume a tech with experience would make, and that is ok with me as long
>> as I can learn. I am ready to buy the books to study and learn again. I
>> can't even get hired on as a $10 an hour specimen accsessioner. I have 
>> years of data entry experience but it seems I am not right for this 
>> either.
>> I know there are a lot of people looking. I don't know 
>> what to do. Maybe if an assistant position comes open again near me I 
>> should not say I have my HT.
>> Any suggestions? Besides getting younger--that I cannot do.
>> Everytime
>> I hear that techs are in demand I just want to barf. I know I don't 
>> have recent experience, but I'm willing to start at the bottom and 
>> re-learn.
>> Paula
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