[Histonet] Citrate Buffer pH2.0

Eric Hoy Eric.Hoy <@t> UTSouthwestern.edu
Tue Apr 17 11:48:30 CDT 2012

Why do you want the pH so low?  Citrate buffers are most effective in the
range of pH 3.0-6.0.

I would check with the company and make sure that the pH is supposed to be
2.0, and ask them for a formula to achieve such a solution.  It probably
won't have much buffering capacity at pH 2.0.

There is a Java application that will calculate formulae for citrate
buffers, but it will point out that the buffer should be used close to one
of the three pK's of citric acid:


Good luck!

Eric Hoy

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On 4/17/12 11:25 AM, "Neil Macintyre" <Neil.Macintyre <@t> ed.ac.uk> wrote:

> Hi 
> Can anyone help me with a formula for 0.01M citrate buffer pH2.0 for antigen
> retrieval as this pH has been recommended by the company supplying  AM3K
> macrophage antibody and I can't find this in any of the usual IHC buffer
> protocols. 
> Thanks

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