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I took my granddaughters placenta at Beaumont Hospital in MI, we just told
her OB/GYN in advance and he had a specimen jar of formalin in the delivery
room, He cut off a piece of the placenta and put it in the specimen jar for
us, handed it to me and I took it home.  We use it as our placenta control
tissue in the lab now. 

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    I would recommend getting someone else to do it for you. Unless you are
*really* resilient, I would expect you would have other recovery related
things to think about. With the OB/GYN's permission (and curiosity) I took
my wife's placenta twice. Once for each kid. The local college was grateful
to have it since it is a great tissue to learn on, and I also had an
abundance of control tissue. The shock on my mother-in-law's face was
palpable. She still thinks I'm nuts.

Congratulations & Good Luck,

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> Well....I am 6 months pregnant, and was planning on taking a pot of
> formalin and a few blades into the delivery suite to get some of my
> placenta.......I am in real need of a good CD31 and CD34 control!
> We all give our bodies to this - right ;P
> Caroline
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