[Histonet] Cell block - Shandon kit - help?

Diana Matos paperboats11 <@t> gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 07:15:31 CDT 2012

Hello everyone!

In our lab, we've been trying out the Shandon CB kit and we've been having
a few problems. We use non-buffered 10% formalin as a fixative (overnight),
follow the manual's instructions in regards to ratio of reagents/size of
pellet and follow a regular 10h histological processing protocol. But when
it comes to embedding, the little thin membrane-like cell buttons
are slightly too buoyant than supposed and there's some retraction
afterwards, even if we leave the blocks to be cut the next day. Possibly
bad paraffin impregnation?The best results have been obtained with smaller
pellets but since we need to adapt this protocol to all sorts of
samples, we need to optimize it. Have any of you tried this out? What have
you tweaked within the regular protocol? Any tips? Any input would be

Thank you!


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