[Histonet] ASR FISH probes

Martin, Erin Erin.Martin <@t> ucsf.edu
Wed Nov 30 11:55:14 CST 2011

Hi all,

More questions on FISH.  How does one go about validating an ASR probe on FFPE tissue?  I have no FISH experience and therefore am starting from scratch.  The specific probes that our pathologists are interested in are:  t(14;18), t(17;22) and t(2;5).

Also, does anyone know what educational and training background is required to be able to do such a workup?  I know IVDs are no problems, I looked at the CAP checklist for molecular and it seems that this is usually done in cytogenetics and the tech needs to at least have a BS and experience with molecular.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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